jueves, 13 de junio de 2013

Proyecto: Entrevista de Eat Your Kimchi a Chocolat

Hola a todos! Esta vez les escribo para hacerles una enorme petición! Ya que Chocolat acaba de volver y que estan llegando bastante alto en el chart de Eat Your Kimchi (Simon and Martina), podriamos pedirles que entrevisten a las chicas! Lo unico que deben hacer es entrar a http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/contact/ y llenar con sus datos, luego simplemente hacer "copiar" y "pegar" el siguiente mensaje y enviarlo. No olviden poner en el asunto "INTERVIEW WITH CHOCOLAT". Eso es todo! Muchas gracias a todos!
PD: si desean pueden añadir o quitar preguntas, estas son solo de referencia^^

Hi Simon and Martina!
We are writing to you because Chocolat is finally comeback after 1 year and 4 month and Chocolatiers we really want you to interview them! Four of them are fluent in English which is easier for you to interview them^^
Some questions you can ask to Chocolat:
What do you feel making a comeback after all this time?
Are you going to have an album or mini album?
Which are your wishes for this comeback?
Which is your favorite song and choreography from all of your songs?
With which group/singer would you like to collaborate?
If you have the opportunity to have your own tour, which countries would you like to visit?
Are you thinking about debuting in another country?
You have a lot of fans in Latin America, will you have a tour or fanmeeting there?
Any language that you want to learn/are you learning?
Which member have the weirdest habit for sleeping, eating, etc?
Any anecdote from your trainee days? How was when you move all together to the dorm? And when you met for the first time?
 Who is the most feminine member?
Who cooks the best?
Who clean the dorm most of the times?
There’s any emotional tweet that you ever received?
Why only Tia and Melanie use Twitter?
Juliane: you practice a lot of sports, which is your favorite one?
Did you ever have a boyfriend?
Soa: How was your life time in Brisbane, Australia?
Which is four favorite drama or movie?
How is a typical day for Chocolat?
Which is your favorite activity/hobby (individually and as a group)?
With which male idol would you like to act in a drama?

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